A Collection For The Modern FanGirl*
is a F/W Collection meant especially for Fangirls who love One Direction or Justin Bieber. This collection was predominantly inspired by the One Direction "fangirl" culture, and their existence on the internet. This culture consists of mainly teenagers who are devoted emotionally to a pop star and every action said pop star performs. With this collection, we are giving fangirls the option to dress comfortably in a contemporary fashion while simultaneously expressing their attachment to these pop stars. The expression is made quite subliminally, however. These pieces may conjure up thoughts of specifically pop stars for the fangirl, but may evoke alternative meanings to non-fans. This allows for the fangirl to exist subdued within modern culture, letting the fangirl wander around in the outside world without feeling antagonized by others based solely on her taste in music. Not only do we hope that the Collection for the Modern FanGirl allows for the comfort both emotionally and physically in the wearers, but also helps to sort of rebrand the social stigma revolving around fangirl culture. We hope that these pieces will encourage outsiders and non-fans to respect the fangirl, and be able to see her power and importance in modern culture.